why do only icloud songs appear in my itunes library?

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Answered: How to export files form iTune library with minimum size

Try to use Daniusoft media converter pro to help. You can have customization files.

Answered: 70's song gotta get up to get down get your booty on the floor

Might be a couple different ones. The first one is from 1971, the late great Harry Nilsson. The other one I recall is by Coolio. (not my fav) See comments

Answered: Elvis first appeared on which national TV show?

Never trust someone who answers their own questions. They are probably trying to trick an Anonymouse- http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/elvis_presleys_national_tv_appearances_in_the_1950s.shtml

Answered: Can you download any songs for free at itunes?

Download Free Music, Videos & Movies On iTunes

Answered: Who wrote the song

Robert Meredith Willson (with 2 L's).
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Itunes transfer

dear norine,why not try this program ,it can transfer video and audio files from iPod or iPhone to your computer within 5 minutes.

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Why won't iTunes accept my AOL password? I changed the password and

Thank you for letting me know. It sounds like you may need to call Apple customer service. I've also included a link below to a support page on Apple's website that should answer your question. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2890

How do u transfer files from itunes to ipod

Plug in iPod to computer, then go to iTunes menu "File-> Transfer purchases", It will copy your bought songs from iPod to computer. For more tips about iPod, you may refer to this iPod FAQ. http://www.mac-dvd.com/ipod-tips-and-ipod-faq.html Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other ...