why do music videos on youtube not play well on my laptop?

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Answered: How do you rate youtube videos I can't find the rate bar

Hello Kelly. YouTube received some UI changes during the last two years. You no longer "rate" videos, you can give them a "Thumbs up" and a "Thumbs down". Some people don't like this change, and i can say for myself that i am one of them. I prefered the old rating system. I hope i helped you ...

Answered: Youtube Video Advice

Make funny videos! People love comedy, and don't forget to have fun in it! Be creative. Movies, Drama, Comedy will all work. Video Editors will also work, unfortunately I can't give you any links for them because I can't find any either. Good luck though! 1. Friends breaking up. 2. Romance 3 ...

Answered: Youtube videos don't play on my computer, why?

I have an older computer with internet and windows xp. It will not play videos from utube or videos games or home videos

Answered: If you haven't heard about Marie Digby on YouTube ...

I know, but I'm looking for some more interesting stories than his.

Answered: Is this video funny?

http://www.funshun.com/mobile/funny-video-clips.html Go here

Answered: Where r the youtube videos saved on the computer??/

By default its download into in Download under my document folder http://www.kvmswitchtech.com/hdmi-splitter-c11622.htm
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Is it possible to download music from youtube without video?

To get just audio from YouTube, you can convert the video by using an audio converter . I know a great free online app that works well. The operation is simple and convenient. Just copy the URL of the video and paste it to the download box. The converted audio will be done in a second. FYI, you can ...

Mac video won't play on PC?

Just download a Quicktime player on PC.

Youtube male legs heel bouncing/videos

hi you can watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-7ZUIysCvY