why do mimes paint their face white?

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Answered: Face painting

thanks for the help everyone

Answered: How difficult is it to remove white paint from ...

There are professional companies who can get this done for you. Depends on the extent of work of course.Please make sure you give them an estimate of what you want to spend on this project.

Answered: Help with Miming

The Mime movement for salvation is as follows: Start with closed fists, cross arms and hold to chest. Left arm in front of right shoulder right arm in front of left shoulder. Now open arms and hold out as if hanging on a cross. Keeping fists closed. Sneakers McSilly.

Answered: How much to you charge for cheek painting. I've just started ...Help!

Hi, I am from S.C. and the rate of hourly pay here is different from Boston where I started. (Less money,here)The pay rate for entertainers varies to the area you live in.You have to start off doing some volunteer work,and practice on kids. Make some business cards to pass out-no price on ...
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