why do married men have unprotected sex with thier mistress?

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Answered: Do I not love myself?

Just leave him for few day let him feel what is you for him I think it may works and I can ensure you if you love him purely then he must be back.

Answered: Unprotected sex 7 week after birth

After giving birth, chances of getting pregnant again are very high even with the absence of a period. Wait a few weeks & take a preg. test..also see your Dr. to be sure.

Answered: Stupid Me! I had unprotected sex.

Unfortunately how you cannot protect yourself but you can visit yo doctor for testing. It would be very useful if ou would read all symptoms of different STDs. You can discover all needed information about STIs/STDs and HIV/AIDS in http://www.menstrual-cycle.info Be Healthy and Happy!

Answered: Why do married men engage in sex on the internet, and then turn around

Different reasons. Not attracted sexually to their wife anymore. Don't cheat in person so get their kicks on the net. Or they are hooked on porn. Or they are drunks and can not preform like they once could. Depends on the man and his personality. For you to stay in an abusive situation is a ...

Answered: We had unprotected sex after 23 days from my last period does it cause

Since it takes sperm 2 weeks to reach the egg, anytime you have unprotected sex there is a possibilty of getting pregnant...even during your period.

Answered: Is PCR Test Can Detect HIV viruses with In 72hrs of Un protected sex?

Type into your Search Bar "PCR Test"--Then a window will come up- Click the 3.3 PCR in diagnosis of diseases . That should give you what you need to know
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I had unprotected sex 3 weeks after my last period ended. My period is

There is always a chance of pregnancy when having unprotected sex and not on birth control. I suggest you take a pregnancy test and also see your Dr. to be 100% sure. Planned parenthood offers condoms and birth control at no cost as well.

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I just found out from my signif that she has frequent daydreams that are "weird" as she put it. Furthermore, she said that she "doesn't want the world to know these" and that she doesn't tell ANYONE about them. I asked if some were sexual and she said yes but they do not involve me. I'm not sure if ...

I'm 2 days late, had unprotected sex 8 days ago, could i be pregnant

Ovulation happens 14 days before the beginning of your period, so unless your cycle is irregular or very different then average, which is pretty rare - you are not pregnant. I've done this to myself a couple of times - I get stressed about being pregnant and then my period is late out of stress and ...

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Making your woman feel desired increaseing your sex performance isn’t about poking her in the back with your hard-on in the morning or pointing to it while she cooks dinner and saying, “It’s all yours.” That’s a sure way to land your ass on the couch for the night. If you want to make her feel ...