Why do I have to reboot my hp 8500A printer in order to print?

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Answered: Printer will not print.

Make sure printer is turned on. Then when you click on 'file', you must be certain you have highlighted the correct printer you are using.

Answered: Hp officejet pro 8500a printer prints only part of a page

reinstall printer driver and clear all print jobs the pull the power cord of the printer to reset its cache brother printer ink

Answered: Ordering online may seem more economical but with ...

I buy mine online from Supermediastore.com They give free shipping on any order over $25. Also a good place for SD and SDHC cards, they give the same deal on them. It's a good outfit, and have always treated me fairly, their service is prompt, too.

Answered: Why is everthing I try to print end up pink instead of black ink --HP

I don't know that printer, but there are only a few ways that everything comes up rosy. One is if there is a red ink cartridge where the black should be, or a refilled cartridge contains red ink in a black cartridge. The other possibility is that it needs cleaning. There may be a Test Print ...

Answered: How to open HP printer 1000 J11Oa - paper jam

first open the door of the paper, if you can pull it out slowly do so. it not, open the backdoor of the printer then pull out slowly the paper, be careful not to rip the paper canon ink cartridges

Answered: How do I print on colored stock using a hp printer model # 6122

I've never tried that with my canon and my hp is out of ink. Start - control panel - devices and printer (windows 7 operating system) Open your printer properties and find and set it to print to -- Grayscale printing -- Something to try.
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Universal printer driver for hp printers

its better to use drivers for your specific model printer, you can download drivers from HP's website brother printer cartridges

Print stationery

You can buy it from some online companies: http://www.printsmart.ie http://www.adsmart.ie

Network printer won't print from other Computer on the network

I have an HP C4680 hooked up to my desktop running Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit beta with a USB cable. I have an Asus EEE netbook running Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit Retail Version. It detects and prints to the printer fine over the network. I have an HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Retail ...

Will not print web page

If I select all and go to File at the left top and click print, my cannon printer will print. So your problem is not with AOL.