Why do i have symptoms like stomach flu when my ulcer acts up?

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Answered: Having swine flu symptoms?

Darn it, Jay... that link didn't come with a video. I feel so cheated now.

Answered: I have a giant stomach ulcer and I was kicked in the stomach could that

Hi I got your question from Yedda but I think it made a mistake referring me to you to answer your question. IF your ulcer is inside stomach then you need to see a doc right away as it could be bleeding internally which is very dangerous! IF your ulcer is on outside and cannot heal then I would ...

Answered: Companies Act 2013

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Answered: Anything you can do for a stomach ulcer?

Go to a doctor. He/she can prescribe you a medication that will help alleviate the discomfort. Feel better soon.

Answered: What are the best flu remedies?

I think that garlic, sage, coltsfoot, linden, elder, chamomile, basil are the best home remedies for flu .
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Anyone have ulcers?

While I personally do not suffer from ulcers, I found a great article about Safe Pain Relief for Ulcers . I hope it is helpful.

I hve had Gastic Surgery, because of ulcers. What ...

If I were you, I would see a nutritionist to discuss the proper things to eat. I'm not a professional and I don't want to tell you something I'm not 100% sure about. Good luck, get well, and I hope this all works out for you.

My 4 yr. old girl has high fever and a strange cough.

If this persists you should go back to your doctor. In general the flew should go away after a few days but if things don't get better (or get worse) perhaps action needs to be taken. That is why you need to be alert.

What do I drink with an ulcer?

Alex- I truly believe that dietary restrictions are overrated for the treatment of ulcers. As long as you are not eating prodigious quantities of willow bark (which is a source of aspirin) then you should be OK. If the beverage does not cause discomfort, then I would say that it is OK. Salud. JayR