Why do i have symptoms like stomach flu when my ulcer acts up?

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Answered: Having swine flu symptoms?

Darn it, Jay... that link didn't come with a video. I feel so cheated now.

Answered: I have a giant stomach ulcer and I was kicked in the stomach could that

Hi I got your question from Yedda but I think it made a mistake referring me to you to answer your question. IF your ulcer is inside stomach then you need to see a doc right away as it could be bleeding internally which is very dangerous! IF your ulcer is on outside and cannot heal then I would ...

Answered: Anything you can do for a stomach ulcer?

Go to a doctor. He/she can prescribe you a medication that will help alleviate the discomfort. Feel better soon.

Answered: What are the best flu remedies?

I think that garlic, sage, coltsfoot, linden, elder, chamomile, basil are the best home remedies for flu .

Answered: How serious is a stomach ulcer? I've been doing ...

-Gastrointestinal bleeding is the most common complication. Sudden bleeding can be life-threatening. It occurs when the ulcer erodes one of the blood vessels. -Perforation (a hole in the wall) often leads to catastrophic consequences. Erosion of the gastro-intestinal wall by the ulcer leads to ...

Answered: Ulcer or heartburn

Use an adjustable bed. After eating, the acid from digestion process crawls its way up to your throat--thus the pain. When you lie down on your bed, it will only make the problem worse. This is why it is helpful to elevate the upper part of your body. An adjustable can help you alleviate the ...
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My 4 yr. old girl has high fever and a strange cough.

If this persists you should go back to your doctor. In general the flew should go away after a few days but if things don't get better (or get worse) perhaps action needs to be taken. That is why you need to be alert.

What do I drink with an ulcer?

Alex- I truly believe that dietary restrictions are overrated for the treatment of ulcers. As long as you are not eating prodigious quantities of willow bark (which is a source of aspirin) then you should be OK. If the beverage does not cause discomfort, then I would say that it is OK. Salud. JayR

Can we avoid a stomach virus?

Take steps to protect yourself Step 1 Wash your hands often with soap and water. Hand washing is the most effective way to eliminate the germs, viruses and dirt that can invisibly accumulate on your hands throughout the day. By vigorously soaping and rinsing your hands before you handle food ...