why do i have so much gas 2 years after lapband surgery?

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Answered: How dangerous is Lap-Band surgery?

There are some risks of the lap band surgery like, the band can slip in your stomach. you have face infection problem. the band will restrict you to take more food but you will not feel satisfaction after eating. The Cheap Gastric Band Surgery is quite similar to the lap band and the risk are the ...

Answered: Hep C& lapband surgery

It's not just having Hepatitis C, it's your liver condition that matters most. If you have a good preop evaluation and do not have any contraindication for abdominal surgeries, you could be candidate for a lapband.

Answered: New rules for Lap-Band surgery?

Not to be contradictory though...here's a link you may find helpful, Langerhans. http://healthyliving.ocregister.com/2011/02/16/fda-okays-lap-band-for-less-obese-patients/29515/

Answered: How to obtain loans for gastric lapband surgery

Hi I saw your question I have decided to help people out due to the fact that I myself has been scammed twice by fake lenders in my search for a loan but at last I got a reliable lender that gave me the loan($60,000 USD) that I was in dire need of even with a bad credit. Hence I decided that I will ...

Answered: Does anyone have experience with lapband surgery after esophageal

I did went for lap band surgery and contrary to popular perceptions,the surgery is very good without any kind of side effects. I had this surgery 6 months back and in this time period I have lost about 30lbs which I could never think of. However, I did experience some hair loss but when I ...
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My Aunt has a lapband. She did lose weight with it. It slipped on her a couple of times before it healed into place, so she had to have additional procedures to fix it. She also had it loosened up after her initial weight loss. Insurance companies are starting to pay for weight loss surgeries in ...

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Certain medications can cause that. Talk to your doctor.