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Answered: After knee replacenent surgery develop drop foot. No nerves where cut

Compression of the nerve (or other damage) can cause drop foot.

Answered: Swallow 2 drop of Clorox can kill you

Please, Tadpole, try out for the Darwin Awards..................

Answered: How to calculate voltage drop

But, if you want a formula-

Answered: Are there bus or senior transport services that wouldpick up and drop off

I know a Southwest Limousine car service which provides you the transport services to drop off and pick up seniors from one place to another place.

Answered: I can't find a drop down screen

Hi, Mags: So I can better assist you, could you provide me with additional information? What drop-down screen are you referring to? Are you referring to something in the AOL Desktop software?

Answered: Dropping out of school

Did you find the specific reasons behind this that your son has been skipping school and running away alot of time. First of all you have to carefully analyze the factors that push him to do so. Be patient, talk to him in odd time, spend some good time with him. Being part of his fun activities will ...
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Eye drop recipe stings ??

Try Restasis Eye Drops from online pharmacy.

Drop ship companies for online buisness

If you want to find the best drop shipping companies, Worldwide Brands is by far the best place to get these resources. Two other alternatives are Doba and Salehoo . I have been in the drop shipping business for over 4 years now and these 3 sites have helped me more than any other, especially ...

Megan's been dropped!

Ow! is that really true? i only hear that in rumors and i thought that they were all just joking. but i think there's a big reason behind dropping megan fox in transformers. it would be a big twist and just like the spiderman another actor would also replace as peter parker. group gift ideas