why do hershey kiss m?

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Answered: What Should the M's Stand for in M&M?

More and me. Musical miracle. Miracoulsly moody. Haha that last one is a joke!!

Answered: I have ulcers are on my lips and if i kiss to infected person not deeply

Hi, I am an oral health professional, and I can tell you that no matter what it is or who you are considering kissing, you should NEVER kiss or have oral sex while there are open or active ulcers, blisters, or vesicles of any nature. It is NOT a safe practice. HIV/AIDS is not the only worry you ...

Answered: Are Kristen & Rob kissing?

well i think kristen stewart is going in for it and rob is thinking 'no way! we are at a concert!' but i think they are together, especially coz rob said at the baftas that they were together

Answered: What if i like it when i kiss my ex?

why did my ex kiss me thursday at church he said he was going to give me a peck on the cheeck and then it was along kiss me and him kiss but then he at weird on sunday at church

Answered: Should I ask my g/f if I could kiss her ass?

hey well, I still say flowers are the answer. Perhaps chocolates as well. After all, she is a lady(?) On you're typical date, do you engage her in conversation or do you just get down to the ass kissing right away. Not to worry, mate. You will eventually kiss her ass one way or the other.

Answered: What is he trying to say

Really, the best way to find out is just to ask. I know it's hard but if he isn't thinking about getting serious then you can just tell him that you just wanted to know if he was thinking about it but you are fine either way. This puts the ball in his court where it should be. You could do that or ...
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How should I know if a lady is okay with a kiss at ...

Love act like chemistry, it comes out automatic even if you are not prepared for it. The signs to know that she really want a kiss is by watching her body movement. If for example you hold her hand and she doesnt resist then it is one of the signs that,she is with you and you can kiss her as way of ...

Do i kiss my ex or not?

yea im a southern girl

Can a person get hiv by kissing nipples or breast of hiv women

Reference from www.about.com Is there a connection between HIV and oral sex? There is a commonly held belief among many lay people that oral sex carries little or no risk. In fact, some consider oral sex a safer sex alternative. But the truth is, like any other sexual activity, oral sex carries a ...

My sis made me kiss her bum. Should I make her kiss my bum?

If you were dumb enough to do it then you only have yourself to blame.