why do guys always kiss their girlfriend when they see another guy around ?

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Answered: How was your first kiss like? Do you look back and ...

My first kiss was so long ago, but I still remember it. I was 17 years old and the only one in my circle of girlfriends who had not yet kissed a boy. My girlfriend and her boyfriend invited me out and one of her boyfriend's friends showed up. We were talking and after a few minutes, she and her ...

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Little things you can do are: Be friendly. Smile and be willing to have a conversation with him. Show interest in him and the things he does or says. The biggest thing you should do, however, is to be yourself. Have confidence in yourself - in who you are and what you think - and like yourself ...

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It is OK to date both until you decide to go steady with one or the other. when you want to be exclusive with one, then just stick to that one.

Answered: A guy

Hi, -------- The guy is a player..... It's up to you if you want to be with a player or not. I would NOT (cause it will sure lead to heat pains). ----------- Best regards,

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He likes you if he tells a mutual friend that he wants to know more about you, or he asks other people who you are and where you're from. He is trying to act like he's "just asking" but his questions indicate more than a casual interest. And when he tells someone that he finds you attractive, he ...

Answered: Ughhh! I'm SO confused, Guy problems can u help me?

If you are only 13, you should rethink this entire situation. 1) You are way too young to even have a boyfriend; 2) Why do you think a 17 year old would be interested in someone your age when there are many, many girls out there his age? What is he really up to? It's time to dump him and go back ...
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No it's not wrong. It's possible she was busy and didn't have the time to stop by. Or she thought you were busy and didn't want to bother you. Or even that she doesn't want to be overbearing and didn't want you to think she was on your side of town to check in on you. There are many reasons why she ...


I would go for it. It sounds like you could be good together. To be afraid of asking him out cause if you don't you'll be sorry.