why do girls kick nuts with high heel?

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Answered: Http://www.womenhighheelsshoes2012.com/nike-high-heels-c-29.html


Answered: What tips can I use to help my feet survive when wearing high heels?

Hi Suzy_Mc, There are a few ways you can do this: - Invest in some party feet which will help to relieve the burning feeling after long wearing times - Wear your shoes around the house if new to break them in and get you sued to the fitting and height of the shoe - Try wearing your shoes around ...

Answered: Any girls ever got there high heels stuck,and in what

yes!many..many times, i dont wear particualy high heels but no matter how high or wide the heels theres always somthing for them to get stuck in, usualy metal grates and drains

Answered: Has any girls very gotten there high heels stuck in concrete

yes!, many times, ive lost heels a few times as well

Answered: Were can i buy high heels wtin metal heel tips

Take them to your local shoe repair shop and they will put them on for you.
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