why do dogs suck on stuffed toys?

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Answered: Our golden retriever carries her stuffed toy ...

My daughter has a golden retriever that does exatly the same thing. They suck them, whimper, and that is their baby. They tend to get very dirty. Do not try to take it away or play with it. This baby soothes them especially when they are tired.

Answered: So many stuffed toys say;

If you type in your address bar on your computer,"How To Clean Children's Toys".E How will come up with lots of good answers, including toys which have batteries.

Answered: What are some good toys for the health of the dogs' teeth? It is

Give your dog vet approved Denta Chews.. They'll work wonders!!

Answered: My daughter had a stuffed dog called "Digger ...

Looks like at least one person out there might have a Digger to sell: http://toys.icollectorbazaar.com/21558_stuffed_digger_the_dog_from_the_1970_s_18ty1.shtml

Answered: Why do dogs enjoy ripping toys apart so much? My ...

Dogs are typically like that. They like to bite,gnaw things and people when they get bored. Notice when dogs play with other dogs, they bite at their dog playmates but it doesn't mean that they want to harm their playmates, it's just the way they show their love. That's why don't be surprised when ...

Answered: Did You Have Stuffed Toys as a Kid?

Yes! I have a bunny stuffed toy.. :)
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