why do dementia patients eat all the time and hide their things?

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Answered: How to awake a dementia patient?

As soon as you find out, please get back to AOLAnswers. There is more than one dementia sufferer prancing around here that really needs to wake up.

Answered: Rodents that hide I feel them at night - but they ...

It could be one of the millions of rodent drones they released into the sewer systems so they could make sure there's a steady supply of crap flowing in and out of Washington.

Answered: How long should a senior citizen live @ home w/no significant indicators

Hi Kathy, Like the last answer to you stated...as long as there is somebody at home that is able to give the care that the person requires, then keep them home. I`m telling you this from experience now...the time will come when the person will require more help than you can give. The person will ...

Answered: Dementia

Stages of dementia can be entered into slowly over time, or more quickly, like you describe here. I would make sure that she has a complete check-up and see if you can get her on medication to slow the progress if it isn't too late.

Answered: I would like to know what is wrong with patient site. I'm angry and

why are you asking us? In the first place you didn't even say what website you are concerned about. Secondly, how can people on AOL help you? Take this up with the people responsible.

Answered: Why to dementia patients hide everything?

A common characteristic of dementia is paranoia.
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I don’t think there is any proof that a person can fully recover from dementia. If a person takes there medicine then it can slow it down, but not recover.

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