why do catholics have to genoflex so much?

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Answered: Is Chicago Becoming More Catholic?

Chicago has always been a very Catholic city. But I don't think the ratio has changed. I just think people are fed up with public schools due to the neglect of our government for so long, plus their lack of funding, and are realizing that Catholic schools provide an excellent and well disciplined ...

Answered: Can I sue the Catholic Bishop to restore might rights as a Deacon?

No you sue A Bishop in the Catholic Church as a deacon you serve at the pleasure of the Bishop and Priest of the Community.Kindly read 1 Tim .If you are a good deacon helping the community no Priest or Bishop would not want you arround. Peace & Love Owen ++

Answered: Marriage for Priests in the Catholic Church?

Pardon me for being hard and Marine-like about it, but that sounds a whole lot like THEIR business.

Answered: Charisms

Bad question, PAT. Unless you just want to know that Catholic slant on GOD's gifts. I would say that it is neither complete, nor totally accurate. And if other Demoninations have similar lists, I would esteem them equally. Now, I know that the Catholic Church will have a list, but the reality of ...
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You can use Natural Family Planning (NFP) to avoid a pregnancy if your health, age or other circumstances warrant. The Church (and God) just asks that you be open to the gift of a child if God so chooses to give you one... that you do not turn to sterilization or artificial contraceptives to put up ...

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Talk to your parish priest. I'm sure an exception can be made in your case. Congratulations!

Catholic Kids with Autism

I'm not sure if you're still looking for something, but I did a search on Catholic Answers Forums and found a suggestion for a book called Patrick Precious Treasure by Beth Matthew. It's not catechesis, but might help. Meanwhile, if you aren't familiar with Catholic Answers (catholic.com), it's a ...