why do canning jars float in the water bath canner?

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Answered: Agate-ware canner that holds two quart canning jars

Nearly any pressure canner will hold half-gallon or gallon jars. You won't can as much in the larger jars as the larger jars take up so much more space, but there is no reason not to use them. My pressure canner holds 14 quart jars or 6 half-gallon jars. It will only process one gallon jar at a ...

Answered: What is a Good Quality Pressure Canner

I've always like Mirro pressure cooker/canners. My mother had several that she used for years and then passed down to me. The only thing I've had to do is to replace the rubber ring that makes the lid seal.

Answered: Why does ice float but cold water sink when in room temprature water?

It's a question of density, or compaction of the molecule. The density of most materials decreases with increasing temperature, because heat increases molecular agitation and makes the molecules move a bit further from each-other. The solid state is usually the densest, where the molecules are ...

Answered: Hot water to bath

See hot water bath should always run slowly because you get hot water from it . If you run fast then u get lukewarm water or sometimes cold too. So for better results your new machine works. If it is a technical problem better consult electrician to get it repaired .

Answered: How to make bath taxi?

Buy a "Bathtub Porsche" and register it as a taxi. see comment
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Ball Widemouth Canning Lids

I would also try local supermarkets or Mom and Pop stores. Sometimes they actually beat the prices of the big box stores on this type of product. We have used the same rings for quite a few years and just replaced the lid. When the produce has been canned and has set and the lid had popped down, you ...

How do you water bath a mini canning jar

That's a really good question. I can using pint or quart jars. They don't float around in the hot water bath. When using 1/2 pint jars I would try using a couple Stainless Steel Flat Canning Racks . I think the smaller jars would fall through the regular canning racks. Get 2 or three of these ...

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Kosher dills aren't hard to make. I make them in five gallon lots and pack them in quarts. Start with 3" or shorter cukes, rinse well, and keep them wet while you make the brine. Ten pounds of salt, a cup of mustard seed, bay leaves, and if you like it, half a cup of red pepper flakes (more or ...

Canning Kohlrabi

Try this link: http://www.backwoodshome.com/advice/ajo061113.html Canning Kohlrabi is about halfway down the page