why do alcoholics get drunk faster?

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Answered: Is there an alcohol called

I would like to recommend you to Aftercare Sober Solutions for getting recovery from alcohol. The care programme we will provide will seek to educate the client in the dangers of alcohol misuse.

Answered: What are the odds of an alcoholic returning to being a reasonable social

LSD cures alcoholism. I mean really cures as opposed to the current treatment which just trys to get the patient to not drink at all. With LSD treatment the patients are able to drink afterwards because they are able to fully reassess why they drink compulsively. However the penalty for being caught ...

Answered: Michelle obama drunk mug shot

Michelle Obama pregnant… and it ain’t mine Baby Gate

Answered: How many of us would report a drunk driver it they see one, or just brush

its our duty to take action against drunk drivers..

Answered: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy

It is not advisable to drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because the chemical substance may harm the child. Medical detox program is likely to be part in any of these treatment options, especially in cases of severe alcoholism.
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What is wrong with the weirdo? It seem that anyone who doesn't share his hateful views is a Muslim, a child molester. an Atheist or a liberal. It would be nice if we didn't have to see him or her post it every hour. Maybe you should try and find a job or a hobby. He has been posting for over 15 ...

Driving a minor while drunk

not a good idea. google.com

How does alcohol effect a diabetic?

If you're diabetic and is taking insulin or other meds, binge drinking is not a healthy way to keep your well-being. Alcohol in your bloodstream means steeping up the duties of your liver, which often result to low blood sugar levels. Being sober, is in fact recommended by the American Diabetes ...