why do adult daughters hate their mothers?

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Answered: Why do I hesitate telling my adult daughter how I ...

Thanks for the advice. When my daughter comes for a visit this summer, I will do just that.

Answered: Getting started as an adult care provider

Keep in mind that there is no "best" approach. An individual's acceptance of adult care services depends on many factors, including personality, level of hesitance, functional level, mental status, relationship with the caregiver, experience in a social setting and understanding of adult care ...

Answered: I lost my husband and my health last year. One of ...

My condolences on your loss. Meanwhile, if you truly don't know what could be causing this rift between you, then I would start by telling them that. Tell them you've noticed that things aren't the same and let them know you'd like that to change but aren't sure where to begin to fix the problems ...

Answered: Hate crimes . . . again.

Can you spot the leftist Muslim Atheist posters aliases on this question? This is easy. They all are.

Answered: Selling Your Daughter's Virginity: Abuse?

Have you ever explored the website everyone has available to look at for your local perv? Most women jailed for sexual abuse of a minor do this. We really should control who gets to have children in this country or at least get them licensed to be a parent.

Answered: How often should or do most mothers and adult daughters that are married

Your situation is much different. My daughter and I were pretty close, then she got married. No kids yet. They have moved 3 hours away, and she is very very busy. However, my husband and I live alone with 4 cats. He is currently unemployed. We are trying to sell our house and move closer to her ...
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What good is there in hate?

See what I mean? Only leftists have hate in 'em. Maybe that's why they are worthless bigots who only support cross burning Democats.

How to help my adult daughter to realize how wrong it is to use the

The simple way is you can take her out and tell her about the issue in kind manner bcoz now days girl are very sensitive nobody knows what is going in there mind there will sudden dicision...... you have to handle in polite manner and more advices. for more information about this topic just login ...

I helped my adult daughter sell her car but there ...

Dear Ann, ------- I really loved reading your notes. Now I feel love. You are sure on the right way. Go on and G-d bless you !. -------- Best regards,

Adult 41 year old son has mom visit should he give her the bed or have

Mom should not have to sleep on the floor. At very least she should have a couch, or an air mattress and sleeping bag. It would be better if Mom got the bed.