why didn't we sift by 9s?

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Answered: AOL 9's built in browser

AOL 9.6 used Internet Explorer. For AOL Desktop 9.7 version 3030, the menu Help, About includes an acknowledgement for Chromium software 2008-2011. AOL said 9.7 is "An all-new browser with improved speed and performance". One of the one star reviews said "the new added Chrome browser freezes ...

Answered: What is a sifted powdered sugar?

I believe that the term means that you put the powdered sugar thru a sifter. The powder is so fine that it tends to compact down. If you measure PS in its compacted form, you will wind up with too much. Joan and I use to make bread. I have vague recollections of dim memories that the flour ...

Answered: How do you check a vgp-bps9/s battery?

What do mean by check a vgp-bps9/s battery ? Do you mean that check the battery vgp-bps9/s whether it's a original one or not?

Answered: How do you check a vgp-bps9/s battery?

I don't know what you mean by check a vgp-bps9/s battery .Could you describe in more details?

Answered: Do you love pitbulls

I love Pitbulls too. I hate that people stereotype them. The dogs are only mean if raised that way. My boyfriend has several pits and they are the sweetest dogs. Big babies! So i love them. I have a little Chihuahua and she plays with the BIG pitbulls! AND the pits dont hurt her!

Answered: Why doe's my trasmission sift slow giong into higher gears on a automatic

Alan......You are first going to have to help me.....Year,make and model.Next...Describe what you mean by...slow...delayed? Late? From first to second/all shifts?...Give me as much information as you can and lets get a good solid technical answer back to you...John
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