why didn't michael crawford sing during 25th anniversary Phantom?

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Answered: Phantom limb

In order to have phantom limb syndrome the limb in question must be over 2 inches. You have nothing to worry about. Chop away.

Answered: Would a group gift be a good idea? I would love to ...

Have you ever heard of a Bellflower Book? This would be perfect for your parents- it's a book full of letters & photos from all their closest friends & family to tell them why they are loved, supported & appreciated. And, it's easy to make because everybody creates their own page online at www ...

Answered: Marriott world of rewards--I am looking for ...

Check out the official website for that information.

Answered: gift for 25th anniversary for mom and dad

unique gift item? Get him a blowup doll, and get her a dildo. That should surprise them.

Answered: 25th anniversary

There are also gifts that are unique. You can try bonsai tree plants. They are definitely appreciated a lot. People would definitely consider live plants as gifts. They are like a living symbol of hope and love. You can definitely check out other plants that my favorite gift plant site offers. http ...

Answered: I am planning to surprise my parents who stay in Delhi on their 25th

If you are away from your parents then you should just reach on that day to your parents and bring some things which they like.
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