WHY did Ukraine separate from Russia?

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Answered: Not a question, but desire

Try writing directly to the paper to voice your concern.

Answered: Leading Internet companies in Ukraine?

Slava, Thanks for your answer My purpose is to find companies who run leading internet properties in Ukraine. If you could direct me more specifically, that would be great. Aktimel

Answered: If wife is sole owner of house in a separation or divorce does husband

I agree it depends on your state laws . I have seen it go both ways .

Answered: Is Russia Nuclear?

Rest assured, Russia is very much a player in the special arms game. We sold most of our largest weapons to America in 1990-1991, at the end of the cold war, in exchange for our lend-lease debt from WWII. If anyone is foolish enough to provoke the Bear, they will feel its swat.

Answered: If a russian registered company appointed me for so how long would i get

You need to contact the Russian and the Ukrainian embassies where you are applying for your visa, to find out how long the process takes. If you need it as soon as possible, ask them if there is a way to speed up the process. For additional information go to these 2 web pages: http://projectvisa ...

Answered: What happens at a traditional Russian wedding?

Someone gets married. Usually in the Russian Orthodox church which resembles the Catholic Church, or they get married by a Rabbi in the temple.
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Alexander Kerensky, to the best of my knowledge. He was a moderate, a "Menchevick" -- but his regime was soon toppled by the Soviets, or "Bolshevicks". Had Kerensky remained in power, Russia most probably would have become a constitutional monarchy. But the good news, (for monarchists, that is ...

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I think it's your personal life so Plz don't decide your path to people views... Thanks data recovery

Which country is more evil-Russia or the USA?

I'd put at about 50/50 honestly. We've done our share of stupid crap, they've done theirs. The problem with a question like this, you see, is you say "unjust reasons". Each of our nations, at the time anything was done, believed that what they were doing was for just and logical reasons. Even Hitler ...

Mother Sends Adopted Boy Back to Russia

The whole thing was a tragedy. Children adopted from Russia are supervised by trained adoption professionals (like myself) for three years post-adoption. We LOOK for problems and provide solutions early before things get difficult. My understanding is that this woman did not indicate to any adoption ...