why did tony on ellen leave for 11th season?

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Answered: What do 11th grade pants look like?

Just like the pants you wore in kindergarten, Bidet Boy. Only the skid marks are bigger and smell worse.

Answered: Which division was the 11th Airborne connected

Sendai Division in the north. I hope this is what bobbie was asking me for. twocopsmom@aol.com

Answered: Hi Ellen...Have you ever considered bringing your ...

Hi, Janice: This forum is for questions regarding the Ellen website. You can email Ellen (click to click) with questions and comments.

Answered: Who wom Master Chef Junior on Season three

Nobody "wom" yet. It just started last night. There is more than one episode FYI.

Answered: Unable to submit video on the site "http://ellen.warnerbros.com

Thanks for letting me know. The help article below should provide you with the instructions you need. How to submit photos and videos to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Answered: How do I buy Ellen merchandise?

Try http://ellen.warnerbros.com/ ; there's a link to "Shop." Also, if you Google "Ellen Degeneres" you'll get to another site (not the one listed above, but something similar). And if you scroll down the side of that page, there is a link which supposedly takes you to Ellen Degeneres products; I'd ...
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