why did the polite man spend the day at the beach?

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Answered: Does the board spammer greatbear215 ever tell the truth about

The leftist Muslim Atheist is putting in another 20 hour posting day.

Answered: Why did Rocmike have oral sex with donkeys?

Too bad tadpole is always preaching hoaxes. That alone discredited all that she ever believed in.

Answered: What do you do on Memorial Day weekend?

Stayed home, watch movies, spend time with my family..

Answered: Local man home raided for narcotics on Dec.15, 2014.

In order to have a question answered, YOU HAVE TO ASK ONE!!!!!

Answered: Bonobo monkeys politics and sexuality?

Too bad tadpole never can understand that Chimpanzees can't get the American vote legally and Kenyan alcoholics can't serve legally in the Oval Office. That's all right: The Senate voted against Obama 100-0 and the House voted against him 435-0. That should tell you something, Tadpole.
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Rocmike, why did you created a new AOL profile for your alias Freethinker? I see you're still posting the porn that you enjoy. I see that you're still posting under Freethinker and you have also posted under Yedja, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. Do you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself and ...

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I know women can't take no for an answer.No