Why did paige leave Home and Family?

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Answered: How can a 37 year old mother decide she is a lesbian and leaves her home

Shit happens. She may have been a lesbian all along, but was never able to admit it until she fell in love. And trust me, she's doing it for more than sex. And maybe she got sick and tired of being battered constantly by 'godly' people spouting their bullshit about gays and lesbians being evil and ...

Answered: Pecan leaves safe for tea

Pecan leaves are totally safe for tea.

Answered: Is it safe enough to leave my parents who are really old at home with the

Are they still running that meth lab? The alarm system won't help much if they are.

Answered: Family Medical Leave vs. Political Leave

I think your ambition has defeated your purpose in both accounts,as you lied in the first place and second you challenged your own boss.' SOLUTION ,FIND ANOTHER JOB. Af
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When grown kids won't leave home my grandson is ...

She needs to be very very strong and have tough love. She needs to define what she will and will not tolerate, what her expectations are for them to live there, and the consequences that will happen if they do not live up to their end of the bargain. Like financial counseling, and a goal date to ...

What make men leave there families?

The usual excuse is mid-life crises (where they must surround themselves with young blood) but you can't eliminate a refusal to continue responsibility (especially once the children leave home).

Countdown until Obama leaves Office

No moron obama cut $716,000,000,000 dollars from medicare from future payments. Payment for medicare doesn't come from insurance companys it comes from the us gov. The savings is obama won't pay the doctors which is a cut moron in health benifits. Buy a brain since you're is damaged. In case you ...

How get wireless service without leaving home?

You can always use a wireless connection because I know there are a lot of establishments now who owns their internet connection. Your other option is subscribing to a mobile data plan which charges you everytime you need to open the web through the phone. http://www.rrsat.com/service-item/34 ...