why did my pudding get grainey?

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Answered: Why do I think of "Muppet Poop Pudding" much nowadays?

Why do you want to know? If we told you, you would not remember. That's the dementia is; the old memoried are fine, but the new ones just slip away before they are made.

Answered: What is figgy pudding?

Pudding in the U.K. is not the creamy dairy dessert we eat in the U.S. Their pudding is a spongy cake-like dish, which can be sweet or savory and may be prepared through various methods. Figgy pudding has figs in it, of course, as well as spices and walnuts. Typically, it is festively topped and ...

Answered: Recipe for christmas pudding

I like this Matthew Walker Luxury Victorian Christmas Pudding . British Tradition for over 150 years Contains raisins, sultanas, cider and sherry Suitable for vegetarians It is made of 13 core ingredients which represent Jesus and his twelve apostles. This delicious blend is a combination of ...

Answered: 1950's Red Clear Pudding

I found the answer to the 1950's red clear pudding question. It is also still available. It is Junket Danish Dessert (Raspberry). You can order it at www.junketdesserts.com . It is also available in Strawberry, but the one that was so memorable for me was the Raspberry. Even Sara (last name I ...

Answered: Cheesy, Corn studded bread pudding

click on this link: www.rachaelraymag.com/Recipes/rachael-ray-magazine-recipes/no-recipe-zone-recipes/Grilled-Skillet-Corn-Bread-Pudding

Answered: I see the Asshole Rocmike Stalker has returned.

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How do I make "baked chocolate pudding cake"? Also ...

Here's a recipe that works well for ramikens...I haven't made it, but it's from the Cook's Illustrated folks, and I trust their recipes implicitly. http://blackbird17.blogspot.com/2007/03/perfect-substitute-for-chocolate.html

Chocolate pudding receipe

To be honest, I've never found any chocolate or vanilla pudding better than just plain old Jello. The vanilla I find particularly yummy, and have it often.

Christmas pudding - make ahead?

I tend to make them about a year ahead. Old school.