why did matt never kiss kitty on gunsmoke?

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Answered: Am I too short for kissing?

"Please do not tell me to stand on something"... And I won't (since ranger beat me to it).. So, the only other alternative is for him to get on his knees when the time arises (after all, he's gotta do it sometime in the future to pop the question.. may as well do a bit of practice in the ...

Answered: Our neighbors' girl is obsessed with hello kitty, what types of hello

There is loads of Hello Kitty stuff here http://www.brightstargifts.co.uk

Answered: Kiss or not to kiss

Don't worry so much. Go with your gut and kiss him when you see him. The worst thing that can happen is he doesn't kiss you back and you will have a broken heart. But now think of the best case scenario...he kisses you back and you become an item!

Answered: How do i french kiss

Basically , your tongue and your partner's tongue 'mingle' .

Answered: What would a passionate kiss be like? or i guess i mean what would be

Passionate and vigorous... nope, not the same! Passionate would be like you want more... can't get enough, feel the earth move, don't wanna live without this feeling ever again, kind of kiss. Vigorous would be like a too aggressive, rough, get off of me kind of kiss. lol Make sense?

Answered: How was your first kiss like? Do you look back and ...

My first kiss was so long ago, but I still remember it. I was 17 years old and the only one in my circle of girlfriends who had not yet kissed a boy. My girlfriend and her boyfriend invited me out and one of her boyfriend's friends showed up. We were talking and after a few minutes, she and her ...
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Age for first kiss

I was 17 years old when I had my first kiss! I was so glad that I waited too! So I don't think it's as important to set an age but rather, I think it's important that you wait for the right person to come along.

Kissing and Braces

I had braces a long time ago and never had a problem while kissing. I guess it would depend on the person but most times probably wouldn't get in the way.

I want my bf to kiss me.

He'll make the move to kiss you when he's ready. You can make the first move but if I were you I'd wait cause usually the guy likes to be the one to make the first move. Don't rush it and just relax it will happen when it happens

How do i get my boyfriend to kiss me? We have ...

if your boyfriend wants to kiss you he will do something about it! it may take awhile but sooner or later it will happen. if i doesnt happen than just talk to him about it he will probably feel the same way and you guys will do it. but if you dont want to talk about it then start giving him hints ...