why did lisa and maya quit ice road truckers?

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Answered: What do you think of truckers who blow their horn ...

Better yet, What do you think of Steve who blows truckers?

Answered: Ice maker quit working lg

I just removed my icemaker from the door of my side by side. After unplugging the wiring harness and examining the unit I found that ice had formed in the gear housing that controls the full sensor arm (the little wire that goes up and down). Defrosting the unit and cleaning it out worked. Not a ...

Answered: Road Safety Rules

Not for long drive

Answered: Help! ice maker not making cubes

use the proper guidelines from ice making manuals.

Answered: How much do ice road truckers stars get paid?

The industry is always looking for careful and skilled drivers who have the guts to get their loads to these remote areas. If you can follow specific rules including setting and maintaining speed limits, keeping your cool under pressure and being able to drive within a convoy, then ice road trucking ...
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JackJessee the real one not the actor who played him in a few episodes last year is not on series 5 as he did not do the Dalton Highway ice road winter 2011 due to ill health and he has lost his nerve after coming within an inch of his life last season when a truck clipped the truck that Jack was ...

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