why did jim williams ch. 2 newscaster, shave his head?

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Answered: Why wood shavings is more preferred for animal bedding ?

Because 1) wood shavings with good absorbency properties ,they will absorb the moisture/water quickly,especially animal's urine,healthy 2)Poultry pens and livestock stalls is easy and economic for cleaning ,the shavings can be reused. 3) The shavings is soft,comfortable as bedding 4)Shavings are ...

Answered: Who believes robin williams was actually courageous? I do

He was batting in the brown side of the field

Answered: Why did the ancient egyptians give their gods the heads of animals

It is because their gods were fallen angels. And indeed the fallen angels they saw (and from whence they got their knowledge of the stars, etc from) HAD heads of animals. Look to the book of Ezekial in teh Bible and there it gives you a vivid description of what angels look like: Eze 10:14 And ...

Answered: Make money by getting head shaved in bangalore

Hi can you help me i love bald gals or woman. I can send by courier the hair i shave from gals or woman. Can you send me the money.

Answered: Head Shaving Babies

Here is a site that will answer all your questions.

Answered: How to find Indian women interested in head shave? Are there any agencies

were can i find a women who will let me shave her head
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Don't bother, they're here.

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Sigh. Is Steve Harvey afraid to get a Marine "High and tight?" I still have that to the present. Then too, there is no such thing as an "ex" Marine. Once you know the power of good discipline, you never leave it.