why did jesus had to suffer injustice?

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Answered: Need to know very confused about this ? Hope I get a answer

Simply put, He saved us from sin and comdemnation. When Adam defied God and ate the forbidden fruit, he and Eve fell out of Grace and became sinners. So as descendants of Adam, we are sinners hereditarily. But just as sin came from one man, it is by one Man that sin is destroyed. And that is ...

Answered: The line to see jesus

It's only make believe. Don't worry about it.

Answered: Injustice

No I did not find the answers. Please continue to try

Answered: Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Well, we gain knowledge of Jesus Christ by hearing the word of God. The Bible says that " faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." We need good, Godly preachers who Love the Lord and don't place riches or any worldly thing above the message of the mercy, forgiveness and Grace ...

Answered: The ABC of Jesus Christ

There is so much truth about "the narrow gate" and "the hard way" that leads to eternal life, which "few people" find as irrevocably expressed by Jesus Christ. Be among the few! Don't settle for easy Christian faith. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

Answered: Why did Jesus died so early on the cross?

There is no more important question in the Scriptures than "Why did Jesus die so early on the cross?" The timing of Jesus' death is extremely significant. The answer to the question constitutes the unique authentication of the rights of Jesus both to give up his life of his own free will; and to ...
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