why did inspector foyle go to america?

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Answered: Does America have Black Friday too?

Do we have black Friday? Hell, we invented it.

Answered: House inspectors in north carolina Should a ...

Furnace Repair | HVAC Contractors Check out this link...just click on it

Answered: How to get A city health inspector to prove my ...

Isn't a health inspector a public employee? Go to your local government and schedule an inspection appointment for your apartment.

Answered: Number of wealthy people in America

In the finest days of socialism and atheism, a political reformer named Pol Pot (Saoth Sar) decided to "Change" the society of Kampuchea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. His political cult, Khmer Rouge, got only the "information" that Pol Pot gave them hence they became so angry and bigoted that the ...

Answered: Can a county electrical inspector get sued ?

Yes, you can be sued and most likely the judge would not be in your favor unless you told the judge you were given specific directions by your superiors to not enforce the code. Usually, in that case your superiors would be sued instead of you. I myself though would be more concerned about your ...
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Obama disrespecting America

They'r playing Hail to the Chief. Not the National Anthem. The President doesn't salute himself.

Please stand up for america on november the 6th, 2012? Fatuous1

When we placed Obama completely out of power and put the entire Democrat political machine on strict notice that they had best start earning their pay, they went insane with hate and resumed their usual stereotypical racist games. As the result, we have nineteen Democrat Senators and 22 Democrat ...

Any recommendations for NJ State home inspectors?

sounds like the home inspector is bragging?? Ask your attorney for recommenddations, then interveiw the inspector. How much construction experience do they have. 27 years old and was a roofer and part time plumber does not make a Home Inspector.

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There is no rail service at present in Guatemala. The national railway company is currently being transferred to the private sector. Most of the buses in Guatemala that transport people from city to city are called "chicken buses" because of the live cargo accompanying passengers. They are ...