why did hulk hogan have this last surgurey?

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Answered: Did Hulk Hogan go by any other names during his career as a wrestler?

Early in his career he went by the names The Super Destroyer and Sterling Golden for a short time.

Answered: Brook justifies Hulk Hogan rubbing her but

i really dont think he was right to do that. its his daughter not wife... just plain sick to me

Answered: Can you help me find hulk hogan??? thank you!!!

I am sorry but I am not interested with that person.

Answered: Hulk Hogan Rubbing Daughter Brook's But

none of my buisness but it will keep people watching the show, and you know what they say about publicity

Answered: Nick Hogan's accident

Nick Hogan has been released from from Pinellas County Jail on Oct. 21, three months short of the eight-month sentence he got for felony reckless driving. His early release is for good behavior..I hope Nick's learned something...

Answered: Hulk Hogan getting divorced. What's the deal with his son?!?

Hi, I really think the law has very clear guidelines regarding such cases. He should go to trial and if found guilty serve his time in prison. After getting out of prison or being acquitted I think he should be able to choose where his residence will be. This is a complicated situation but I feel ...
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