why did hana ryu quit forte?

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Answered: Fort bixby

It is Fort Biloxi

Answered: I really really want to quit smoking ?‎

A person can get cancer from smoking cigarette. Based on United States statistics, the lifetime risk that an individual will develop lung cancer is 6.9%, or 1 in 13 people. Clearly this number would be higher for people who smoke and much lower for people who have never smoked. But, if you really ...

Answered: Why aren't there bidets in Fort Hood?

It might be that you are too cowardly to enlist.

Answered: Where is Fort Muhlenberg?

I think it is a park by another name that was renamed to that, in the Allentown Pa area. There is a college with that name in that area as well. Rob

Answered: Stop threatening me!

If she wants a threat I'm just proud to accommodate. Maybe that way she'll know what one is.

Answered: I have been trying to quit smoking for quite some ...

This is natural. Quitting smoking is not that much easy because one has to face its side effect. Have you tried herbal incense or e cigarettes to quit smoking? These are quite potent and helpful in quitting smoking. I think you should try that. Here i am sharing a link where you will get more ...
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Why aren't there bidets at Fort Wainwright?

Perhaps Tadpole could enlist and say why for certain. Or can she, considerig the fact that she is disloyal, psychotic, has a criminal record a mile long and is just plain useless? What a pity that all leftists are such obvious fools.

Why aren't there bidets at Fort Benning?

To keep effeminate little twinks like you from trying to enlist.

Why aren't there bidets at Fort Jackson?

Because if you showed up there, you would use them to wash your face. Leftists really aren't very bright, are they?

Why aren't there bidets at Fort Riley?

Because Tadpole wasn't man enough to enlist.