why did hana ryu quit forte?

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Answered: Fort bixby

It is Fort Biloxi

Answered: I really really want to quit smoking ?‎

I switched to electronic cigarettes I got at the Janty e-cig shop - http://www.janty.com . It's great, it feels like smoking, but it's better since there's no tobacco smoke, just vapor that looks and feels like smoke. Try also to engage yourself in other activities to distract you from smoking such ...

Answered: Why aren't there bidets in Fort Hood?

It might be that you are too cowardly to enlist.

Answered: Where is Fort Muhlenberg?

I think it is a park by another name that was renamed to that, in the Allentown Pa area. There is a college with that name in that area as well. Rob

Answered: I have been trying to quit smoking for quite some ...

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Zyban) your-drug-store.com I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

Answered: Are there any natural methods which can be used in order to stop smoking

Check this site: http://quitsmokingwithoutstress.blogspot.com out. THIS SITE also claims to have lots of helpful links
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Why aren't there bidets at Fort Jackson?

Because if you showed up there, you would use them to wash your face. Leftists really aren't very bright, are they?

Why aren't there bidets at Fort Riley?

Because Tadpole wasn't man enough to enlist.

Why aren't there bidets at Fort Lee?

It might be that you are too cowardly to enlist.

Why aren't there bidets in Fort Dix?

Women Marine barracks and Bachelor Officers Quarters that house women, have these conveniences when requested. That applies to all branches of the service. Sorry that we can't be so accommodating in the field, but women who request field combat duty (they must request it and be given the same ...