why did government shut down 17 years ago?

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Answered: Democrats shut down the federal Government to persecute disabled

Does Rocmike really think nobody knows he posts under all those different posting names and many others. Not only do they go to his Facebook profile page you can't tell one apart from the other. Every post you see the words leftist, Atheist, Muslim, Hitler, democrat, racist, drunkard, criminal ...

Answered: Government shut-down, did it affect you any. So what?

That "shutdown" didn't affect us all that much. We had one DOE project that got delayed but out side of that it was pretty much business as usual. I gotta w0nder about Obatso. Did he think he could shut down our nation and then claim that Islam is worthy? What a pity Obatso is till wrong on ALL ...

Answered: Government shut down

Obama hates Veterans w/a passion. Screams nasty language 16 hours every day. 2 drunk 2 call him fit 4 office. Dems betrayed us no 2 ways about it.

Answered: On what legal or constitutional basis can Republicans threaten to shut

Our quarrelsome Democrat minority tried repeatedly to shut down the government to punish Social Security and disabled veterans -- as leftists always do. Such disloyalty is possible only with cross burning racist Democrats. Fortunately, Obama is out of the circuit and his staff refused to allow him ...
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That is why Obatso lost.

Why won't she just shut the hell up? Hasn't her ...

Leftist leftist leftist leftist leftist----- give it a break.

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Another different Leftist, Atheist, Muslim poster who has posted for 3 straight hour. How many different posters do this every day? LOL