why did God ask children of Israel not to fear?

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Answered: God's Goodness

Are you referencing a sermon you heard, or are you trying to write one? If trying to write one, start with your own story, how has God been good to you, what are your blessings? it's no good to preach to people about abstracts. You have to lay down the real life personal. You have to relate it to ...

Answered: Life, Faith, Health, Family, Death, Unemployment, Children, Education

I think for me personally, my biggest fear in life can be related to the death and dying issue but it is not exactly the end of life as in death, but rather what is left in the wake that I fear most. When my mother passed away there was an enormous rift within our family regarding her Will and ...

Answered: Is God absent minded? Could there be the cosmic ...

How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life. He post 20 hours a day and then posts on questions that nobody has been on in months and years. This is not what a normal person does.

Answered: My 4 year old grandson got immunizations today ...

I believe your grandson did think he was being punished. I for one hate shots. Maybe a better preparation for the doctor visit is in order. A discussion about where they are going, why and what will be happening. A reassurance that Mommy or daddy is there and will stay with him. At least it ...

Answered: I just received a bill from nexflix which I have ...

It is probably "phishing", someone pretending to be netflix, trying to get you to enter payment information. AOL did not originate the email. You can mark it as Spam.
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My goodness, you do seem to be absolutely obsessed with me for some reason. Do you really believe Jesus approves of the way you misuse his name?

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