why did God ask children of Israel not to fear?

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Answered: What e-mail does "Ask AOL" want from me? and How do I obtain a "Diabetes

Use your own email address for AOL Answers. Here's a web site for a downloadable Diabetes Self-Care Diary: http://www.lillydiabetes.com/documents/pdf/LD79617_Self%20Care%20Diary_10.9.12_FINAL_v1.pdf

Answered: Life, Faith, Health, Family, Death, Unemployment, Children, Education

I think for me personally, my biggest fear in life can be related to the death and dying issue but it is not exactly the end of life as in death, but rather what is left in the wake that I fear most. When my mother passed away there was an enormous rift within our family regarding her Will and ...

Answered: My 4 year old grandson got immunizations today ...

I believe your grandson did think he was being punished. I for one hate shots. Maybe a better preparation for the doctor visit is in order. A discussion about where they are going, why and what will be happening. A reassurance that Mommy or daddy is there and will stay with him. At least it ...

Answered: God's Goodness

After putting in at least 16 hours of non stop posting yesterday our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has started posting again at noon under his aliases anonymous and the fake Marine at 12 PM est.. He has posted under his alias Trampo. Both of these names goes to the ...

Answered: How to get close to God?

Just pray and meditate on a Supreme Being. Contrary to what some believe, "Just pray and meditate on any Supreme Being" the devil is remarkably tolerant of all false religion, and he is known to be pleasingly nondenominational in his approach to religion. Satan is proud to be an .Supreme Being ...
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Read Ezekiel chapters 37, 38 and 39 for what is going to happen in the near future (within 10 years, I would guess). Read chapter 40 to the end of his prophecy, for what is going to happen long term (over the next 1000 years) Read 1 Corinthians 15:24 - 28 for what is going to happen over the very ...