why did elvis wear the capes?

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Answered: Elvis first appeared on which national TV show?

Never trust someone who answers their own questions. They are probably trying to trick an Anonymouse- http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/elvis_presleys_national_tv_appearances_in_the_1950s.shtml

Answered: With the miilions of Elvis lookalikes how can it ...

The real doppelgangers are in deep, geosynchronous orbit about the earth, being taken by the Vogons shortly before Elvis left with hitherto unidentified aliens.

Answered: Podiatrist children wearing too big of shoes

Pederast children swearing to bug off shoes.

Answered: Elvis's Hair For Sale

Ay.. I am not that desperate.. I would pay nothing.

Answered: What is your honest opion of elvis? I think he was the brightest star on

You don't need to explain to an Elvis fan, you can't explain to a non Elvis fan

Answered: Elvis, Song Where do you come from/ movie Girls Girls Girls

It was cut out of Girls, Girls, Girls. As was 'I Don't Want To'. Both beautiful songs!
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