why did Eli Manning choose Omaha as his audible?

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Answered: Is Eli Manning Jewish?

He doesn't appear to be. His full name is Elisha Nelson Manning. The youngest of Archie and Olivia Manning’s three children, Eli entered the world with two older brothers already in tow, Cooper and Peyton.

Answered: Can a man choose a man for another man?

Well if you go to the lady's of the house in Nevada, they examine you in the genital area like a nurse would and then she washs yah and asks what flavor condom you would like her to put on you... I left it up to her - The lady I was with liked strawberry.

Answered: Eli Stone

yes, you are right Eli stone tv show has been canceled. But It will never renew. Now it will never hit to our Television set. Now We can only watch Eli Stone online . Because it will never come to tv .

Answered: What kind of art does elie hirschfeld collect and does hehave a son?

Elie Hirschfeld of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC , is an avid art collector of New York Scenes. His collection includes influential pieces such as The Brooklyn Bridge by Andy Warhol and Stuart Davis' New York Skyline. The first painting he acquired was Washington Square by Thomas Hart Benton ...

Answered: My dad ely wallenstein----World War 11 vet.....looking for info about his

I am the guy that reunited Ely with the man (my Father in Law) that carried him off the battlefield-I can't believe I found this post during a google search!
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