why did Don Sebastian Montoya leave High Chaparral?

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Answered: Where can I find the television program High Chaparral on VHS?

Try http://www.largeprintplace.com/tv-westerns.html . I searched and this may be an option but you need to email them regarding this. If you have a DVD player, you could purchase a season or two. VHS is hard to find. Good Luck!

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Pecan leaves are totally safe for tea.

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Slim Shady's redheaded stepchild?

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I didnot find the answer to my question.

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High altitude sickness may occur at high altitudes (over 2700m) due to the decreasing availability of oxygen. It usually occurs following a rapid ascent and can usually be prevented by ascending slowly. Symptoms often manifest themselves six to ten hours after ascent and generally subside in one to ...

Answered: How can a 37 year old mother decide she is a lesbian and leaves her home

I think the previous answer is written by someone who is homophobic and possibly/probably hateful. Just because some one is a gay DOES NOT make them a pervert or kinky in any way. Opinions like that perpetuate prejudice. I know a lesbian couple who were married with kids, and the couples were best ...
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