Why did dad kill mom in Mama movie?

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Answered: Cheating Moms and Dads

Call me bias or what have you, but I'm not surprised that married women with children cheat more than men. My wife cheated on me and our 5 children. We divorced as a result of her infidelity.

Answered: I suspect my mom is cheating on my dad

Yes keep your nose out of it sooner or later your dad will find out what's going on. As what happens behind closed doors is not the place to be. She will never forget it if you confront her about what you only suppect. As one of of the two of you will get hurt and most possably ruin a good ...

Answered: gift for 25th anniversary for mom and dad

unique gift item? Get him a blowup doll, and get her a dildo. That should surprise them.

Answered: Whio killed Good king Weslslav of Bohemnia?

Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia was supposedly killed in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel .

Answered: Would a dad consider working from home?

I think there is nothing wrong with a dad working at home. Many people have been making a living working online jobs or running online business, from home of course.
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suggest that to Spaekys Mom Bones. You ant got a hair in your ass.

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