why did british airways cancel and reroute flights?

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Answered: Cancel my account aol

they do not cancel your account unless you pay them, which sucks, I have never had to pay to cancel anything on my computer.

Answered: Please cancel barbara floyd in the amt. 17.83

You will have to contact the company to cancel. AOL is not responsible for other companies, even if it was advertised on AOL.

Answered: How many flight are rerouted in a day in usa?

Flights that are rerouted are rare. Occasionally bad storms or fog can cause flights to be diverted; more often flights get cancelled, as in Superstorm Sandy. In February storms (like ice in Atlanta) caused 14000 cancellations. This year one was diverted from Anchorage by fog, and several by a ...

Answered: I need to cancel one of my reservation urgent. Thanks

AOL Answers does not know your reservation information. You need to call the airline or hotel or whatever.
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Hi Taylor: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Cancel your AOL premium service subscription


Doesn't work. It's impossible to cancel.