why did both supporters and opponent of immigration quotas believe they were defending american traditions and values?

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It depends on what type of visa your sponsor have. If your sponsor holds B, E, F, H, I, J, L, or TN status, can sponsor for you as Domestic attendant or household. Most domestic servants has to hold a B1 Visa.

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Does it matter what leftists say? They only say the same old leftist drivel anyway because they are so badly uneducated they can only cut and paste hatred. All leftists are that dull and bitter. They are fun to laugh at but they never make a bit of difference.

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We have two types of mail box structure a) ‘Inbox’ b) New Mail / Old Mail Quota based is a Inbox structure. Feel free to switch to a true internet style mailbox. This will give you one "Inbox" instead of two folders "Old mail / New Mail" and unlimited storage will be available Just ...

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Demographics of families and politics can be a little tricky. For example, Republican men tend to finish college on time and with admirable GPA's. Democrats (and students even farther to the left) never seem to take anything seriously, spend far too much time drinking, and if they graduate, it ...
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I guess the crime rates have dropped now hopefully expect better result.

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No. It would take a book to cover all that.


If you are filling out court forms, please be advised that most forms are standardized generic forms, meaning that they are not specific to your particular case. As such, the forms may ask for information which does not apply to you (the 'co-dependant' issue, for instance). Fill the forms out to ...

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Absolutely. Go to www.ice.gov