why daniel prayed for 21 days?

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Answered: How to become a pray warrior?

Sorry, Tadpole. Atheists like you don't count. And as long as you play those stupid head games, you will have to come up a lot further before you hit zero.

Answered: Ave21

Ave 21 Marketplace is a Great Place to Shop and Sell your items online. I bought some beautiful handmade jewelry for Christmas presents that are so unique and beautifully crafted.

Answered: Daniel Day Lewis Gay

I don't think it matters.Daniel seems to have a healthy and eclectic attitude towards sexuality.He loves who he loves and that's very refreshing and interesting.I would still find him sexy if he were gay,straight,tranny or undecided.He's fucking DDL...and he rules all.

Answered: Do you have plans for December 21st?

Yes stay home off the roads and safe..

Answered: Today was Veterans' Day. Welcome home!

ROCMIKE HAS SPENT ANOTHER LONELY HOLIDAY POSTING PORN AND WITH HIS ALIASES.-------------------------------------------------Our resident mental patient has been posting hours and hours and hours of his sick disturbing porn. He has spent Christmas Eve with his aliases. He has posted under Renner the ...
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What Saint do you pray for a job ?

Saint Joseph The Worker

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I've heard Josh Duhamel has behaved questionably since marrying Fergie, so for that reason, yes I think he should worry. If Fergie finds out he is cheating, she should kick his butt to the curb and move on to someone else. And Daniel Day Lewis is a fine catch.

Protection pray for asking questions to a gost.

Rest assured, ghosts exist. However, as they are of such low energy that their presence can only be sensed mentally, then there is no cause to think that they can affect us. Atheists, however, can and do affect us in an entirely negative manner, in that they are known to aggressively persecute ...

666 New World Order Leaders, who are they?

Tadpole/The Rocmike Stalker's latest screen name is Lem which is only one of the 47 names that go back to her Facebook Page. All the Porn posts also go back to that same page. That's a fact.................BUSTED!!!!