why circuit breaker won't shut down lights stay on?

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Answered: Circuit breakers If I hold the external switch on a circuit breaker, can

Ask some professional to solve this issue .. May there is some issue ion circuit board. If you are looking to design a new printed circuit board for it so go with ruspcbco.uk

Answered: When circuit breaker wont reset i plugged in a ...

forget it I called an electrician and it wasn't that receptical that was tripping the circuit breaker. It was in my hood to the stove.

Answered: Circuit breaker compatibility

Sorry, I have no idea what the differences are.

Answered: What makes outside night light stay on in daytime

It's broken, miswired, or someone has place some tape over the sensor.

Answered: Circuit Breaker

Dear Friend, no sooner the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) trips or goes off, first of all put off all the equipments connected to the MCB, including light switches also, if connected. Then put on the MCB and start putting on the equipments one by one . no sooner u put on a switch of a equipment or ...
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Problem with circuit breaker

I take it the breaker works, but your fingers are the problem. If you want to, you can replace it with another breaker. Try out the replacement before you buy it, to make sure it flips easily enough. A quick easy solution may be to use something to pry the switch lever with to flip it. Or loop a ...

I have a circuit breaker that keep triping off, what causes this and how

Put a wooden frame aroud it then screw all sides of it. Then cover it with non conductor material such as plywood or any. The frame layout will serve as your breaker body.

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