why causes carpet/ rugs tp pucker?

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Answered: I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my mom and I was ...

Well the more water you suck back out of the carpet the faster it is going to dry. I would think it would take at least a few hours to dry though so far your daughters room doing it right before putting her down for the night might be perfect.

Answered: Who manufacturers rugs for jensen lewis

I have search the internet and found a lot of links regarding Jensen Lewis.. Maybe that would help.. Contemporary Area Rugs

Answered: Carpet/ rug on "Color Splash " episode on HGTV

It's really hard to give a advice if we don't see the carpet/rugs you are looking for. Can you post some picture or link?? Momeni Area Rugs

Answered: Throw rugs should never be at top of stairs

You are correct indeed. I think throw rugs must have non slip backing so it will not be dangerous for you.. Traditional Area Rugs

Answered: What is the best way to get cat urine out of the carpet, the smell is so

Hi Rose, I am quoting an answer sent to a webiste called Village GardenWeb. Hope it helps! "There is only one sure way to get urine out permanently without leaving a stain or any odor behind. This can be used on any surface or carpet or material. This formula is being sold on e-bay so ...

Answered: I have a brown stain on a tan colored indoor ...

Potentially a rust (Iron Oxide) stain. They can be difficult to remove. Be cautious which product you use as it could discolor the carpeting even more. What I would do after finding a safe product is saturate the stain, place a couple cotton clothes over it then place a heavy item on top of that ...
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