why can't you eat tofu and spinach together?

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Answered: Spinach: How do you like to eat it?

Creamed spinach is a must at Christmas (my grandmother's recipe and a family tradition). Other than that, I add chopped frozen spinach to the cheese filling in my lasagne and manicotti. Quite often, I throw it into the pot of whatever homemade soup I'm making, too. Fresh spinach is great in a ...

Answered: How to get meat like texture to tofu

I have tried frying. I will try frezzing.I know it can be done but just doesn't seem to work for me. Thank you

Answered: Spinach Blossoms

Leave them. Some plants are supposed to blossom. Only get rid of the weeds in your garden - oh and of course, the meddlsome insects.

Answered: Tofu cutter

S- If you are using the firm tofu, then a french fry cutter will make two of the three cuts for you. You could probably deal with the medium and soft varieties if you were to put them in the freezer for a bit. Finish off with a sharp knife. I am not aware that they make a tofu cutter, per se ...

Answered: Spinach protection

Use it to keeo them out or they will eat your garden, some people put it over the top also.

Answered: What is tofu?

Tofu is soybean curd, made from the liquid extracted from ground, cooked soybeans. It is made in much the same way cheese is made. You will find different tofu labeled as soft, firm, or extra-firm, the difference among these being the amount of liquid pressed out during processing. Soft tofu is best ...
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