why cant i go on google?

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Answered: How do I do a google search?

Seriously, simply type what you want to look for in the search box and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Answered: Why firefox with ver 25.0.1 forced me enter captcha string when searching

Try to deactivate all plugins in setting as they may send automated query that's why Google is asking for captcha.

Answered: How long is a google year?

You can get youtube views from [Famecrowd](http://famecrowd.com/), they start delivering the views within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

Answered: How do you change wrong info about yourself on a google search?

Is this information connected to a business listing, if this is the case I suggest you check the following info . If the information comes through a third party, another site and google is only the tool you are using to search for the info you should contact the site administrator. Hope this helps ...

Answered: What do you think of Google+?

I love the people that are on G+ now! or should I say? the people that are NOT on!

Answered: Facebook vs. Google+: Whose side are you on?

this is obvious. i will be on facebooks side
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Surprised that Zuck is on Google+?

Whats the wrong with it. If he has a profile in facebook, it will be good to know what he missed there in facebook. Most of the Google+ employees and users are also having an account in facebook.

I can't connect my Facebook and Google accounts to ...

It suddenly started working again. Still don't know what was wrong. I guess if this happens to you, you should wait 15 minutes or so.

Should Google buy Hulu?

Sure, go ahead.. Let's create ANOTHER Mega-Corporation to eventually run our Country.

Google problems

I think you lost connection or worst you got malware infection