Why cant i get the windows 8.1 update?

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Answered: Contacts missing

Hi there For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Address Book is missing

Answered: Need to update to 13.0.1

Maybe what you need is on here: https://www.google.com/search?hl=&q=update+to+13.0.1&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS279US279&ie=UTF-8

Answered: Windows security update kb952069 keeps repeating.

If you encounter installing Security Update for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB952069) try to install the latest or upgrade your Windows Media Player. That helps you solve your problem with Security Update for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB952069). Windows 7 Secrets

Answered: Updating billing info

AOL would not ask you to update your billing information. It must have been "phishing" where they try to make it look like AOL is asking. You probably gave information to some criminals. Maybe you only gave them name, address, and phone number.

Answered: Windows update strange behaviour

I onced had this problem. To fix it, I logged manually to WindowsUpdate site and did a manual update. I guess this update I did fixed something - now my updates are working.
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Windows update and Microsoft Office update

Actually they have, its called 'Microsoft Update'. When you get the main page of Windows Update (the one with the custom and express buttons on it), there should be a link to upgrade to Microsoft Update. Once you're using Microsoft Update, you'll get updates to Windows, Office and a few other MS ...

Delayed Windows Updates?

Actually, the package has already been released yesterday, August 15. I got it with the automatic windows update.

RadarSync vs, Windows Update

The best way to answer that question is simply run all of them and compare! In general, Windows Update only finds fixes for Windows bugs and security holes. Some computer manufacturers include their own software update programs with the computer, but these generally aren't very effective in ...

Aol compability with windows 8.1

Bull! AOL freezes constantly in Windows 8