Why can't I find ammunition?

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Answered: 357ammunition what type of a gun shoots a 357sig 125gr

Glock 31 FS Gen 3 .357 SIG Glock 31C .357 Sig Glock Model 32C

Answered: Ammunition

Every idiot out there thinks Barak and Sarah Brady are going to come to your door and take your guns and ammunition. They listen to the NRA like bible thumpers listen to TV evangelists. Ammunition is still plentiful and reasonably cheap, in California you can still buy teflon coated hollow point ...

Answered: Value of Ammunition

Probably around $20.00. If you want to sell it you could check out a local dealer and see what they are selling it for and undercut them to one of your friends that have a .22. DO NOT try to sell it on line. There are laws regarding the sale of ammunition and if you run across some cop with a chip ...

Answered: What is PMC ammunition?

It is a registered trade mark for: "Precision Made Cartridges". A name of a producer. Google and learn more.

Answered: What is the Federal Excise Tax on American manufactured ammunition.

http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGHP_enUS367US367&q=What+is+the+Federal+Excise+Tax+on+American+manufactured+ammunition .+

Answered: Gun and ammunition specialists

How long is the casing? If it is a short casing more than likely it was used in an aircraft to shoot at ground targets other aircraft. If it is longer it was an anti aircraft round. Hard to tell without seeing it. You could look up a VFW in your area and visit for one of their breakfast meetings ...
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How to reload your own ammunition?

There are several good instruction manuals on the market that will give you step by step instructions. If you want a new one, any sporting goods store that sells reloading suppies will be tickled pink to sell you one. You could probably find a used one for a lesser price on E-Bay or Amazon. Your ...

What is the name of the book referenced by the guide at the ammunition

The first periodical publication in Williamsburg, PA, was "The Pennsylvania Gazette," in 1827. It was a tabloid, measured 6X8 inches, and had about thirty pages. It was block printed, as the Gazette couldn't afford movable type for their press. Circulation was strictly limited at 200 copies per ...

Why are they calling someone with a vagina and uterus a man?

I'm sorry, but get over it already. Beaty's choice in life has no effect on your own.

How to care for 45 caliber amunition

Store them in a dry place under lock and key. To check you have to fire some of them. I have been using nearly 50 year old ammunition for my .308 Winchester rifle and .9 MM pistol. For the rifle no failures yet but with the pistol ammo only 8 out of 30 rounds went off.