Why can an FTP site co-exist with the Default Web Site already installed on the server if neither one is using a unique host name?

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Answered: Do you want to a web hosting in the united kingdom?

i think for web hosting place is not required, you can get it any where. i have wordpress hosting and its from Dollarwp. thanks

Answered: Good free hosting providers?

Hello. I would recommend you try webstarts.com.They actually offer free websites, and the hosting plans that cost are very affordable!!I.You will not be disappointed. Building a website can be very overwhelming at first, but webstarts takes away the guess work. Basically, they provide you with ALL ...

Answered: A have a web site that gets pretty good amount of ...

Man you really should consider upgrading. Choosing a smart hosting plan would surely get you up in the world. Hosting service tend to give the best hand when you need it and it would be easierto support the traffic and not get ripped off. My choice was iPage and so far they did not fail me.Good ...

Answered: How do you know you should upgrade from shared hosting service plan for

It depends on the visitors of your website. The more your website gets visitors the more bandwidth you need. So you need to move to upgraded server. http://www.vpswebserver.com/

Answered: If I use a share host and some of the domains they host get banned, will

why do you think IP can get banned? Banned by whom? Search engines? If you meant banned by search engines for appearing in search engines results, that can happen to website, not to the server's IP. It is common SEO myth that shared IP can have negative impact on rankings, but that's only a myth. If ...

Answered: It seems that all the good names are taken. There ...

Almost everyone has this situation. Whatever domain name we prefer would already have been taken. I too faced this situation. But i got the same domain name from the registrant after a bargain. I got the registrant information of my favourite domain name by having a Whois search from WhoisXY.com It ...
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