Why aren’t vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal remedies as tightly regulated by the FDA as are drugs and food additives?

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Answered: Safe Vitamin Supplementation?

If you take too much too much vitamin D it can be dangerous.

Answered: Which vitamins are important for ensuring good energy levels and

During Crohn's illness or even colitis, an inflammatory reaction is actually triggered inside the internal coating of the intestinal tract which leads to looseness of the bowels. Within this situation, vast amounts of vitamins tend to be passed and then results in reducing in amounts of vitamin D. A ...

Answered: Tablets and Capsules?

You're absolutely correct to be concerned about the type of coating, as this can 'make it or break it' for ingesting the nutritional value of vitamins/multivitamins and other tablets. Look for the term "enteric coating" which ensures a safe passage of the supplements into your system, without being ...

Answered: Snapple drinks containing acid?

Yes, diet lemon tea contains citric acid, and so does diet half and half, and diet peach tea, and diet green tea. Diet cranberry/raspberry contains malic acid. Not to mention that fruit juices like lemon contain acid.

Answered: Why buy MINERALS and MINERAL SPECIMENS On-Line if you live in New York

A search of the internet will certainly give you lots of sites where you can buy MINERALS and MINERAL SPECIMENS on-line, but if you live in New York City (NYC), why do it? You can't actually see or touch them, it's hard to truly estimate their color, shine, size and quality, it's hard to compare it ...
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I'm glad he didn't win. Cognitive Enhancement

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Calories and Fiber Dried foods are higher in calories, when compared weight-for-weight, because nutrients are concentrated. For instance, 100 grams of fresh apricots contain 51 calories and 100 grams of dried apricots contains 260 calories. The removal of moisture during dehydration concentrates ...