why aren't ovaries visible on ultrasound?

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Answered: How much time does it take to get results of ultrasound examination?

Depending on 3 things: 1) Radiologist: if the RADIOLOGIST (person who went to specialize in diagnosing off of pictures) is PACS connected turn-around can be immediate or within 24-hours, THE REDTAPE comes in if their is NO ONE to type the final report (med transcriptionist) or MED TRANSCRIPTIONIST ...

Answered: Aren't meaning

Aren't is the contraction for the words: are not. Just like Isn't is the contraction for: is not hope that helps you with your school work. Rob

Answered: Bleeding After A Transvaginal Ultrasound?

Yes it is normal for some women to bleed when they have a vaginal ultrasound.. some women are sensitive than others when getting a vaginal check up such as that.. call your doc and let them know that you are bleeding.. to me it seems you are late which can indicate two things.. "pregnancy" or some ...

Answered: Accredited colleges to become an ultrasound tech?‎

go to www.ardms.org This is the national organization that accredits schools and who you would get take a test through to get certified after school.

Answered: What positions of a baby is it difficult to read the sex in a

I'm a ultrasound tech and it's really not the position that matters. Its if the baby has it's legs crossed or if the umbilical cord is in the way which makes it hard to see the sex.

Answered: Ultrasound Technician

Today There is a high demand of ultrasound technician in medical industry. An ultrasound Technician can work in medical laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, mobile imaging units and veterinary clinics. So defiantly it is a promising career.
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Does anyone have any medical info on ovary pain

Here is some information about ovary and pelvic pain that may help you. Feel better.

Pregnant, bleeding, with cyst on left ovary.

i have had brown bleeding, then i got an ultrasound and they found a cyst on my right ovary. they didn't say anything about bed rest. just that they hope everything progresses. ??? HELP! WHAT AM I GOING THROUGH? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. :( hope you are better.

Why aren't PDF files visible?

do you have an adobe pdf reader installed on your computer? if no, you need to install this software for reading pdf, otherwise you cannot read them.