why are there no more world's fairs?

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Answered: World's Fair

According to wikipedia, "Universal Exposition or Expo (short for "exposition", and also known as World Fair and World's Fair) is the name given to various large public exhibitions held since the mid-19th century..." Scheduled expos are: 2010 Shanghai (China ) 2012 Yeosu (South Korea ) 2015 ...

Answered: What year will the next worlds fair be held in the United States and

This isn't exactly true. The United States originally joined the BIE in 1969, but hosted several BIE-sanction world's fairs before then. It is possible now for it to do so again without BIE membership, but it does make it more difficult politically with the BIE having 100+ member nations. The ...

Answered: The reason why they have morgan county fair

Same reason they have ANY fair ! -Have fun, show off items sell stuff, advertise things - make money.

Answered: Worlds fair 2009 where is it this year

There was no world's fair in 2009. 2010 is in Shanghai, China. 2012 will be in Yeosu, South Korea and 2015 will be in Milan, Italy. http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/
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